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               Lulu Pimay (née Lucie, born August 19, 1989) is a French singer, song writer and multi-instrumentalist. She was born in Albi, south of France, among a musician family. She started viola at the age of 5, while her elder sister learned violin and the younger one, cello. Though they never created any family band, the knowledge of her parents was passed on her through the years as growing up into the classical music world.


               After her teenager years, Lulu joined a first band of French songs style. Then began her life of travelling street musician joining all kind of projects all around Europe. Most of her songs have been created for people she met, even dogs, and inspired by all her travels.

               After many years of travels, she developped a life style in which she plays viola on the markets in the morning and enjoy free time in the afternoon. She is now living in Japan where she also mainly plays on the streets of Fukuoka. She also tries to develop her own website and social media in order to reach people all around the world and keep in touch with the friends she met everywhere.



               Lulu was born in the classical music world but quickly quitted it to find her own inspiration through various styles of popular music. She first loved video games and movies soundtracks which are the closest to nowadays classical style, and this brought her towards Japanese music, by discovering amazing work of Joe Hisaishi, Koji Kondo (Zelda) and Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy), and some anime songs by Rie Fu, Kokia... Japanese influences have been more important and wided by listening to Visual Kei bands like MUCC or Nightmare, or pop-rock band L'arc-en-ciel, before going back to rock roots and changing horizon with Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles...

               Lulu was touched by all styles from metal to pop, reggae, jazz, funk, rock, traditionnal music from Africa, Ireland, Brittany, Balkan, Poland, but also experimental, progressive, fusion, rap, North Europe symphonic metal and pagan bands; she played in Spain, Italia, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, England, Japan, Switzerland... though her favorite music is now acoustic folk, she developped a very personal style in which stands out her main Japanese influence, culture that she particularly loves and respects.


               Beside, Lulu is fond of crochet and embroidery arts in which she collaborates with the Japanese artist Toru Harada.

               Not only she makes crochet characters, but also her own clothes and artefacts to enrich her visual showing.

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